How to set a specific bin folder for Elasticsearch 7.14


I have two different instances of elasticsearch on the same disk on a virtual machine and I am currently using elasticsearch 7.14.1. I just discovered, however, that when elasticsearch 7.14.1 is running, it uses the files in the config and bin folder that are stored in the elasticsearch 7.7.1 folder on the same disk (which was the previous version I used). I found this out when I deleted the folders present in the elasticsearch 7.7.1 folder and suddenly elasticsearch 7.14.1 was not even starting anymore. Now, I would like to fix this as this is occupying a lot of space unnecessarily and it will be very counter-intuitive for anyone that might use it.
So my question is, how do I solve this? Where can I set the correct path for this version of elasticsearch? I checked the Environment Variables and I only found that the "ES_PATH_CONF" is correctly set to E:\elasticsearch-7.14.1\config, which is the right folder, but still the issue persists. How is this possible? Could it be an issue related to the way the ELK stack was installed? Or the fact that there are two instances on the same disk?

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