How to set Elasticsearch related ssl settings in kibana.yml?

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in Kibana.yml file, there are the following ssl related settings:
#Optional settings that provide the paths to the PEM-format SSL certificate and key files.
#These files validate that your Elasticsearch backend uses the same key files.


#Optional setting that enables you to specify a path to the PEM file for the certificate
#authority for your Elasticsearch instance.


How to set them, i.e. how to relate them with corresponding certificate and key files of elasticsearch connected?

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Hi @li_jessen2016,
Actually, i dont know about your setup.

However, for communication that stays on same host you don't need certificate. When running elasticsearch and Kibana on same host, the purpose of elasticsearch's certificate may be to secure connection from remote data shippers to elasticsearch.

The purpose of the certificate in Kibana would be to present your Kibana server to public and to encipher data between client's browser and Kibana.

You can use same certificate for both of them, especially while just testing. Below is the link for your reference.


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