How to set Environment variable in kibana

Hi Team,

I am working on 7.10.2 kibana source code. On kibana UI i want to show build version which is dynamic in nature and gets changed on each build . How i can access environment variable inside header.tsx file. How to set this environment variable having build version.

Please help team

Hello Ravi,

It's possible to get environment info, but you'll have to do some work to pass that info where you want. Here's an example where the maps app is grabbing the Kibana version number and making it available for the rest of the app.


@Aaron_Caldwell Is there anything i can do to achieve it without manipulating x-pack folder?

@ravi_yadav2 This example isn't specific to x-pack, it would work equally well in any plugin x-pack or not. Basically I'm just trying to show that you can access env variables from the initialializerContext which in this case is bound here. You should be able to do this in any plugin.

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