How to set fielddata=true for all the text fields or make the setting default?


That's the question. I read the manual, other topics, googled it and etc., but all I found was some API Kung Fu and I just don't get how to apply it to my configuration.

I mean, I have the ELK stack + filebeats, all logs are shipped and parsed nicely. Automatically. And there was no need to make any mappings through curl, json-queries and etc.

So I expect there to be some GUI ot at least a 'set via a wildcard' way to make changes in bulk to fields I need.

Sorry @Gamer, but API Kung Fu is required if you want to use alternate mappings (kibana's console app helps a little).

That said, make sure you are okay with the downsides of having fielddata enabled for all fields. It's off by default in logstash for a reason :slight_smile:

Ok then, I'd like to know how to do that using API for all text fields?

I'm sorry for the doubleposting, but does anybody know? I just want to set all the text fields for all the indices in one go.

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