How to set Kibana Discover startpage to do 'nothing'

My company's Kibana startpage is "Discover". By default no index is selected. Default timeframe is now - 15m.
Some users complain that it takes long to load the first page. It takes about 21 seconds for this default query to load (approx. 9 million hits).
Options we discussed:

  1. set current default "now - 15m" to e.g. "now - 1m". I'm not sure this will improve much. Can't test it myself as I'm not a Kibana admin. Opinions? Experiences?
  2. most of the time this first default query is not what you want, so why not just start with an empty query and execute nothing whatsoever. Can this be done?

Hello Daniel,

There is an advanced setting discover:searchOnPageLoad in kibana which does what you want: Advanced Settings | Kibana Guide [7.11] | Elastic

Best regards

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