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Is there a way to enable the eager loading of the logs in the Kibana/Discovery tab?
I'm using Kibana 8.6v.

Currently, When I type some query into the Discover search box I get around 400 rows with various JSONs.
And while I'm scrolling Kibana lazy loads the next logs/jsons.

The drawback of it is that I can't use browser search on the resulting rows as they are being changed and Chrome doesn't indexes them (indexes only visible ones).

The preferred way would be to get and present all rows at once (mentioned 400). I do understand that it may impact browser performance but currently, it take me more time to reload and scroll all over again to find what I want in my logs.

Is there a way to achieve that ?
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You have two things which might help.

You can set rows per page -

You can also go to advanced settings under management and set maximum rows per table


We already have set these two settings to 500 but it still lazy loads rows. I switched back to legacy Document Viewer and it seems to work much much better (at least once it loads all logs, it keeps them - not like this new viewer which removes them)

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@Kamil_Zielinski Thanks for bringing this to our attention. As you noted, this is done for performance reasons and is actually the result of the virtualization feature of the data grid component we're using in Discover:

Currently this can't be disabled, and unfortunately I don't have a good workaround to suggest apart from switching to the classic table as you did, refining the overall search to only the results you're interested in, or exporting a CSV report from the "Share" menu and searching within that.

Thanks again for bringing this up so the team is aware that it's a potential area for improvement with the new data grid.

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