Why we need to scroll to see next records in Discover table of kibana?

Hi Experts ,

I want to know what is the logic behind scrolling in the discover page of Kibana. Actually query returns 7000 hits but on the page I only get 50 records . Next records will only appears if I scroll the page down, and I have to do this multiple time to get overall records on my discover page . I know that I can change kibana settings to get more than 500 records in the discover table but still that needs scrolling . So my question is how this is working ? Secondly can we change this logic , actually I do not want to scroll to get 7000 records ?


Let me ask this way , Can we increase no. of rows displayed in Discover table from default 50 to lets say 7000 ? if yes then how ?

Hey Vikas,

Hmm, in the settings of kibana there is discover:sampleSize, which you can set as high or low as you like.

Let me know if you need anything else.


Thanks Khalah,

But with this we can only increase the no of records that we want kibana discover table to show . So this is one aspect and thanks to letting me knwo about this . Second thing which i want is to show all the records on the first page without doing scroll . Not sure How i can achieve this ?


Hi Vikas,
What is your purpose for getting all the documents loaded? Maybe we can suggest a better alternative. If you're trying to just get all the data you could use a query directly to Elasticsearch.



Purpose is to copy all records in CSV , and for this i am using chrome plugin http://minewhat.com/blog/elasticsearch-csv-exporter-for-kibana-discover/

But the problem is since we only have 500 records i cannot copy lets say 7000 records in a single go

Hi Vikas,
You could go to Settings > Advanced and change discover:sampleSize from the default of 500 to 7000 but use at your own risk. That much data could run your system out of memory or crash something!
But as far as the Chrome plugin getting all the data without you having to scroll down, I'm not sure.

It looks like there have been several attempts to get data from Elasticsearch directly into Excel Here's one;

If it's a static query you need to run often to get latest data, I would try to find a more direct solution like this.