Pagination in Kibana Discover


In the Discover tab, for a search criteria, I have 20000 records. But is is showing only 1000 records.

Is there any way to implement pagination in the dsicover tab and show all the records in different pages?

Firstly, do you as a human really want 20000 records to be displayed? Surely you can apply more filtering to get as smaller number of much more relevant results? If you just want to store and retrieve all records, Elasticsearch is not the tool for you :slight_smile:

The Discover tab by default will paginate magically as you scroll down, up to a limit of 500 records. You can control this limit with the discover:sampleSize option in Kibana's Advanced Settings.

Ideally, you should look into using a scroll request outside of Kibana to retrieve a huge list of documents like this. It will be much more efficient.

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