Limit results in Saved Searches

(Tatiana) #1

Hello! Tell me how in kibana 6.4.0 change the display limit for the number of output lines in the Saved Searches?

(Jon Budzenski) #2


the only exposed configuration is discover:sampleSize in advanced settings. By default 500 documents will be pulled down with a page size of 50. This will keep the page size at 50, but let you load more (or less) documents. Would this work for you?

(Tatiana) #3

Unfortunately, when using this parameter in advanced settings

discover:sampleSize = 5000

, it does not display more than 50 rows in Saved searches under the user kibana_dashboard_only_user

(Jon Budzenski) #4

Ah gotcha. It looks like the max of 50 is hardcoded, ref. it would be fairly straightforward to make it configurable but would require an enhancement request.

(Tatiana) #5

Is this a bug? Previously, you could remove this limit in the settings.

How fix now?

(kulkarni) #6

This probably is an enhancement request. You can file here:


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