Can i implement pagination with 'discover:sampleSize'?

Hi. I'm using Kibana 6.4.1

I'm using Discover tab.

but there are lots of docuement.

so i configed Discover to get top 10 docs only.

there is 'discover:sampleSize' option so i configed this and working properly.

but sometimes i want to see next top 10 docs (11~20 sequence from top).

when i configed 'discover:sampleSize' option,
Discover's pagination button was inactivated.

Can i activate pagination with 'discover:sampleSize' option In Discover?

I understood 'discover:sampleSize' option.

Discover never query all of docs in index.

if i have 3,000,000 docs in A Index, Kibana do not give to me 3000000 docs.

if 'discover:sampleSize' has configed as '50',
Kibana query 50 docs to ElasticSearch. but in Discover can see all of docs count.

so i confused.

if 'discover:sampleSize' configed as Default(500),
i can using paging (50 docs per page) until 10 pages.

50 ('discover:sampleSize' as doc per page) x 10(pages) = 500 (docs)

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