Kibana discover page does not show all documents in list, the timeline does

Hi guys,

I see strange behavior in Kibana 8.5.3 in the discover page.
When I'm filtering on data in discover page, I do not see all the documents that exist in the index-pattern.

As you see on the screenshot above, the latest document is from 16h20, but the timeline shows data till 16h55. (note that I'm on top of the page and that I'm using sorting on @timestamp new-old (default))

If you zoom in around 16h55, the documents of that specific window are shown.
Also when you increase the 'rows per page' from 100 to 250 they are shown.

Current behavior:
If settings sort by New-Old and 'rows per page' 100 is used.
Sometimes not the last 100 documents are returned on Kibana discover page

Expected behavior:
When filtering on data in discover page, it is expected to see the last 100 documents when using sort New-Old.

I quickly checked if there was already an open ticket for it, I didn't find it.

Did anybody else see this problem?

Hmmmmm I am seeing something vaguely similar on 8.8 ... but it is intermittent... I notice if I click on the sorting once or twice I get the correct results.

Click on the sorting a couple of times and see if you get the correct results....

if you can reproduce consistently please open a ticket against the Kibana Repo.

If this happens, could you have a look into the resultset in Inspect , to check if the those documents were returned by Elasticsearch but not rendered? With this information we can check if it's an Elasticsearch issue, or the UI doesn't render correctly. thx

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