Kibana no documents in index showing in discover

(Ammo) #1

there is a strange behaviour i have observed a few times on completely different Elastic-Stack hosts.
Sometimes, i am putting data into an index. I can see that this index is getting the data if i execute a match_all query (documents count is increasing). But sometimes the data won't show in discover.

There were no changes made in the scripts, that put the data into elastic. Also no settings were changed. This sometimes just happen. Until now, after recreating the index pattern, i could see the data again. Now this also does not help anymore.

What is the reason for this? Anyone else had something like this before?

(Spencer Alger) #2

Discover filters by time by default, which might be why you see data when you do a match_all query but not when you look in discover. Are you sure that your timerange in the top right corner of the page has results in Elasticsearch when you're trying it?

(Ammo) #3

yes. I have not changed anything in my script. Funnily, it does work again now.
I think it sometimes has a hiccup :slight_smile:
Nevertheless, i would like to know if anyone else had something like this before.

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