Documents not showing Discover, show in queries and document counts

I have some documents that were created via Elastic's REST API. When logged into Kibana to view these records, I am able to see them in the results using a GET or PUT request in Dev Tools and in the document count for the index.

These documents do not show in the results when querying in the Discover tab. I have expanded the date range far beyond where the docs would start to show up, and I've confirmed I can filter by that date range in the dev tools (see first screenshot).

Any ideas why these documents aren't showing up in the Discover tab? I'm assuming I've missed something in the Date mapping, but it looks right from what I've seen in the documentation and other examples.

Any help in understanding where I could have gone wrong in my setup or formatting would be greatly appreciated.

Your Discover screenshot shows that you have selected mutually exclusive criteria: your Kibana index pattern is stash-* but you are filtering for _index: gcclient*. Your Kibana index pattern probably should be gcclient* if you want to see those documents only.

I am assuming that you don't have any unusual index aliases set up based on what you're showing.

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Wow I am embarrassed. I didn't even realize there was an index pattern selection menu there. Thank you, the fixed my issue - glad it was me being dense.

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