No docs showing up in discover after updating mappings and reindexing

I noticed logstash wasnt indexing due to having a mapping issue (short instead of an integer). I updated the problematic mapping and reindex by:

  • Reindex the "example-2019.08.27" to a temp index, "example-temp"
  • Delete example-2019.08.27
  • Reindex example-temp to example-2019.08.27

What I expected to happen was to be able to see the docs in the discover tab as normal. There are approx 500k docs in that updated index (last i checked), but the data does not appear and new incoming logs are also not coming in.

This is happening in a development environment so there is no problem if we lose this day. Im more curious as to what happened and why are the docs not showing up. Any insights are truly appreciated.

Can you verify that the data is in elasticsearch as expected?

And it would be good to verify - Does the index pattern match your new index? Is that index pattern selected in Discover?

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