Cant view indices in kibana discovery after deleting them and indexing them again

Hi I have deleted some indices, from elastic using kibana, after some changes in the configuration of logstash I have restarted logstash, create kibana indexes again, but nothing is showing in discovery;

I have check the logs that feeds logstash an they are up to date,
I have checked the logstash conf with ruby debug, and the output data is correct
change the output of confs to elastic
restarted logstash
select the elastic indexes in kibana to create new index pattern (with the same name as the ones deleted) selected timestamp as a time filter.
but when I go to discovery nothing is showing ( time range is correct too)


checked using the api, and it returns some documents with this petition, but nothing in discovery

GET newuptime*/_search
    "query": {
        "match_all": {}

solved: Wrong timestamp

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