Kibana Discover is not working after deleted all indices and adding new .kibana indice

I ran the following command to delete all indices to see changes on the Kibana:

$ curl -XDELETE localhost:9200/_all

after this operation, Kibana being not visualized Data. It is not working anymore.

I extracted new kibana folder and set up again all configuration and see indices on the Dev Tools tab. But These indices are not showing in Discover tab.

Indices shown on the Dev Tool as you can see on image:

Did you add the index patterns back in?

Default index patterns didn't come. There are only 5 as below:

  • _source
  • _id
  • _type
  • _index
  • _score

Did you restart KB after the delete?

Yes I restarted the KB. nothing changed

And did you do this part

Kibana getting it first time already. I just able to set index pattern name as *. KB is not allowed to me give specific name. E.g: logs* not allowed.

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