Kibana Discover not working as expected

I have setup a Kibana and ElasticSearch on my own GKE cluster.
Following the guide ->

However, after I created my own index pattern "logtash-*", I click on Discover, it doesn't seem to work.
I still get the following error:
"In order to visualize and explore data in Kibana, you'll need to create an index pattern to retrieve data from Elasticsearch."

  1. ElasticSearch index created:
  2. Kibana index is still empty though:
  3. When I click on Discover, Kibana still complains no index setup:

    Not sure what the issue is ? Can you assist pls?

To verify, can you follow the steps for creating an index pattern and let us know the results. It starts with the blue Create index pattern button on the 2nd screenshot.

Hi Aaron,
I just deleted the kibana related statefulsets and redeployed, it started working.
Was a little strange but I can now see data in Discover.

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dear @rubans

quick questions, when you experienced the problem, you created the index pattern in UI, right? did you switch to Discover immediately, or did you have a look at the index patterns list before? was the index pattern then in the list?

Many thx

Hi Matw,
I retried multiple times in the UI and didn't see the change in Discover.
Even after multiple refreshes.
So in the end had to drop both deployments and start again.

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hi @rubans
Is there a proxy involved in your setup ?
Thx & Best