Created Index Pattern is not visible in KIbana 7.0.1

I have created one index pattern.but the created index pattern is not visible.

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Hi, I have the same issue for 7.1.0 version


I've the exact same issue with 7.1. The create index patten wizzard for Kibana seems not to be working. I would gladly provide any output from Elastic if you ask for it.

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I have created an another topic ...

Any solution here?

I have the same issue, the wizard seems as though it creates the index-pattern. But when I click on discover, it asks for the index pattern to be created.

So at this point I can't visualize my data.

Hey @Alex_Piggott, any ideas here?
I recreated the cluster and tried different indices but nothing is working.
I upgraded to the latest 7.1.1, it seems like this issue started after the 7.0 upgrade.

Is there a ticket opened for this?