Creating Index pattern

Problems to create an index pattern

I have a problem when I'm trying to create an index pattern in Kibana.

I have a system configured in the Elasticsearch cloud for my company, and I access it with a user with superuser role.

The problem is that when I go to the corresponding section to create an index pattern, I follow the steps indicated by the system and it seems to be created, but then it always tells me that I have to create one.

Step 1: I write kibana * to select two indexes that already exist. They were created by loading sample data from the platform.

Step 2: In the next step, I select the field @timestamp and I give it to Create index pattern.

Step 3: It seems that the index pattern has been created, because it already gives me the name, and the star as it is the default index pattern

But when I go to Discover section, I'm asked again to create an index pattern.

Could you help me? I have tried several types of data, with two different users and also with 3 browsers (Chrome, IE and Firefox) without success.

Many thanks

Hi @Hamdi_Hassan welcome to the community!

That looks like a pretty old version of Elasticsearch.

In older version you have to force / shift reload discover to load new index patterns into the browser... in newer version you do not..

Can you show the list of index patterns?

Hi Stephenb,

Thanks for the response,

This is what I keep seeing even though I have created the index

Confirmation showing it has been created


Here are the indices in the index management

Just one thing, are you using Elasticsearch or Opensearch?

Those last screenshots you shared are from Opensearch Dashboards, not from Kibana.

Opensearch is not supported here as it is a different distributions with some changes, any issue with any tool of Opensearch you need to check with the Opensearch community as your issue could be related to some of their changes.


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