Document insertion not showing in Kibana

I inherited an Elasticsearch instance that is on version 6.3. I am able to insert data into it and retrieve this data using the _search endpoint. When I go into Kibana and try to view this data though it is not able to see my record I inserted.
The index that I am inserting into is included in the Kibana dashboard index selector. Why is my data not showing in Kibana? Should I just upgrade and would that solve my problem?
More specifically, I have two indicies I have inserted into, testing-result (with a mapping type of _doc) and testing-result-2023-02-09 with a mapping type of testing-result and in kibana the new record I inserted is not able to be seen even though the index patterns that I have tried to use to view in Kibana are testing-result-*, testing-* and testing-result-2023-02-09.

Hello @John_Connolly,

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I have some questions:

Are there any error messages when you create the index pattern?

If there is no error message and the index pattern is pointing to the right index.

In the "available fields" menu on the Kibana Discover page, can you see the fields of this index when you select it?

If not. Is the right index pattern selected?

If the fields are there but without values. Did you check the time filter?

Thank you!

If the index pattern is pointing to the right index and the time filter is also correct but you still don't see your fields in the "available fields", try reloading the fields.

Go to the Settings > Indexes tab.
Select the index pattern from the Index Patterns list.
Click the pattern’s Reload button.

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