Kibana Discover page doesn't show the data after updating the index pattern


  • Updating the index pattern to include the new fields from other indices doesn't now show their data on Kibana discover page.

Steps to replicate:

  • index error-codes-test vs Index error-codes-final have slightly different fields.
  • I have an index pattern called error-codes* to show the output from both indexes, but it doesn't.
  • Then I decide to view the data from both indices using the error-codes* index pattern in Kibana discover page, but the data doesn't show up from error-codes-test.

Current solution:

  • I have to create another index pattern, for example,error-* to be able to see all the data. I highly believe this behavior is not desired, and updating the old index pattern error-codes* should have fixed the problem.

Usually field are taken from the indices at index pattern creation and when the index pattern cache is invalided (which is pretty rare)

The solution for you, other than creating a new index pattern is to refresh the index pattern that you already have, from the Management - Index Patterns page.

@Marius_Dragomir Thanks for your suggestion, but I forgot to mention that I have tried that solution as well, so as a result I will get the fields of both indices into one index pattern, but in the Kibana discover page the data doesn't show up from both indices only one of them.

I believe the problem might be the initial timestamp that is chosen for the index pattern. One of the indices has the field, event_time_utc as the timestamp and another has event_date as the timestamp, so I think choosing one over another results in the data to disappear.

It will indeed. You should have both of them using the same field as the timestamp.

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