Data Appears in ES Index but 'Discover' in Kibana Yields No Results

I've uploaded data to my elastic cloud instance, using the fscrawler application. When I do a GET name/_search I see the document and all its contents in the index. However when I select the index pattern that I created in Kibana for this collection and attempt to use the Discovery function to select a document, I get no results. I'm trying to figure out if there's an additional field I should select, other than _source but there doesn't seem to be any other 'full ' fields. Searching the index using the console says otherwise.

Any suggestions? This is my first time using ES so I'm definitely learning as I go. Thanks

Hey @rally-point are you using x-pack security with Kibana? If you aren't logged in as a user that has access to the data in Elasticsearch, it can cause there to be no results.

Also, have you tried changing the time filter in the upper right hand corner to something large like "Last 5 Years" to see if the time filter is excluding the results you're expecting?

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