Kibana Couldn't find any Elasticsearch data

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Hello, i have installed Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash and Filebeat - all with version 6.2.3 .
I have indexed my data in a few indices in elasticsearch. However, when i enter kibana it says that there isn't any data in elasticsearch.

In the Dev Tools - Console both GET _cat/indices?v and
GET */_search
are returning my indices with the exact count of documents in them.
The second query is the one that is sent from the Management tab but there it doesn't return any data.
My xpack security is disabled.

If anyone has any solution, please share it with me :slight_smile:

(Joe Fleming) #2

What indices have you created? If you haven't created any of your own indices, you may need to click the "Include system indices" at the top right.

By default, Kibana will not show a lot of the indices that other Elastic tools create, since those indices are mostly meant for internal use. It knows they are "internal" because they are named with a leading dot (.). So if you are creating indices with a leading dot, they won't show up there.

If that's not the case, it would still be helpful to know what names you are using.

(David) #3

I have created few indices. The names are basically xxx_yyy_zzz for example. The problem appears also when I add data to a new index from the console. The new index (cars for example) is successfully created, i can query it's data from the console, but the kibana management tab still shows that there is no data in elasticsearch.

(Joe Fleming) #4

The way you describe it, it certainly sounds like a bug. However, without any screenshots or concrete examples, I can't be sure. When I try it locally, everything seems to work correctly:



So there's something strange going on with your setup. Any chance you could post screenshots of stuff working in Console, or provide exact information about what you're doing, index names your using, data you're inserting, etc., so I can try to recreate the issue locally?

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