Kibana Discover will not load index, bsearch being called repeatedly in js console network tab

Kibana fetch streaming loop

When I go to a certain indexes Discovery tab in Kibana the system goes into a loop where its calling a bsearch stream, then calls it again, then does a delete post, then back to a bsearch. This goes on indefinitely and seems to have some thing possibly due to the size or quality of the data streamed back. I cannot seem to find an issue in the console. But the browser sometime complains that the page is using too many resources.

Its clearly going in some sort of loop as it hits the stream, some error or something happens, then it deletes something, and starts over.

Anyone with any ideas?

In order to help us replicate this we need to figure out what those index patterns have in common.
I would think first looks to see if they have a higher number of fields than the others or bigger fields. That would be my starting point.

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