How to set reporting encryption key


sometimes I can't export *.csv files because of this error:
So how can I set this key from within of Kibana?
And why does it sometimes work anyway?

Which version of the stack are you using? can you share more details - logs, version, steps to reproduce etc.
By default, a new encryption key is generated for X-Pack reporting each time you start Kibana. This means if a static encryption key is not persisted in the Kibana configuration, any pending reports will fail when you restart Kibana. More details can be found here:


thanks for the fast response.
Current Kibana Version is 6.8.1. I have no access to the Stack itself so I can't show some logs.
Steps to reproduce in Kibana: Discover, Share, CSV Reports, Generate CSV
If it fails it will always fail for that time range. If I change the time range (step one week back for example) sometime this timerange works. But most of the time it fails. Reloading Kibana doesn't help. The count of hits doesn't seem to matter ether.

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