How to set total_shards_per_node in version 1.3

I would like to set the total shards per node in version 1.3. But the setting is not working. I am using the following lines.

index.routing.allocation.total_shards_per_node: 7

Could someone help me on this? Any suggestion would be really helpful.

You cannot as that did not exist in 1.3

Also, you should really upgrade, 1.3 is super old.

ah ok Thanks @warkolm. Yeah we are planning to upgrade. But it takes at least 3 months to upgrade our systems. So I thought we can try this setting in 1.3.

In the documentation it says

we can set this settings. Also I went through the 1.3 release code,


the above file use this setting to allocate shards. will it not have the actual 'total_shards_per_node' setting?

Oh, my mistake then (the docs have obviously changed since 1.3).

Then that setting looks correct. Does it not work?