How to setup an alert which checks for a keyword

I am trying to add an alert on Kibana. The destination is created but I am not able to understand how to create a monitor to check for this key "setException MongoDB Generic Error" and when the count is greater than 1. trigger alert.

I am selecting this options:

How do you want to define the monitor?: define using a visual graph
index? *
Time field? @timestamp

but I am not getting any field where I can enter the keyword.

Basically I am looking to set a monitor which checks and trigger alert whenever new logs comes which contains setException MongoDB Generic Error in the message

**Kibana version:**6.4.2
filebeat: 6.3.2

Hi @Vikas_Rathore,

I believe this issue doesn’t relate to Kibana Alerting as Kibana Alerting only got released in 7.7.

What you are looking for should be doable once we add an ES DSL alert type (#61313) to Kibana Alerting.

Based on the terminology used to describe your problem, I believe that you're using Open Distro's alerts. I'd suggest opening up an issue in the open distro repo:

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