How to setup local user accounts for kibana on kibana host

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Hi ,
I have installed kibana on server and want to create local user accounts for different user with UN and PWs . I can not use x-pack or shield as this kibana instance is connecting to AWS managed ES.

Can someone please advise how can i achieve this.


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Are you expecting the users to have different roles etc?

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If different users can have different roles that will be great without using shield and xpack . Not sure if thats possible .

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I am unaware of any stable method of doing that without shield and x-pack either. However, if you want simple login and passwords for different people, a setup I have found reliable is using .htaccess + .htpasswd along with NGinX!

Simplest example I could find was this

CAUTION: This is quite simplistic and should only ever be used in dev and/or test. For production, I highly recommend finding a way to change the infrastructure so that you can use x-pack!

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Thanks for the info and advise .

Problem is our environment is not fully on AWS so far thats we cannot use IAM role & policy base access.

And We do not want to manage ES environment in our DC .
Thats why i am trying to figure our the way to restrict access to Kibana . We cant use AWS kibana as we need few custom plugins on Kibana .

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