How to create a login account for a user and discovery selective systems logs on Kibana

I have a scenerio.
There are 3 users. All 3 users have there own machines. All 3 users should have there own login credentials and should be able to configure/add machine they want to watch the logs for.

Lets say there are three users User1, User2, User3. There machines/systems names as machine1, machine2 and machine3.

eg. User1 is owner of machine1. User1 should have his own login on Kibana.
On Kibana user User1 should be able to add list of machine he want to watch the logs for. Lets say he wants to watch logs for machine1 and machine2.

Assuming logstach-forwarder is configured on all the machines.

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Not currently possible, user auth will be available soonish but the rest isn't possible unless you use Shield.

Thanks for a quick reply warkolm.
Can you point me to Shield.
I did not you on "Rest isn't possible unless I use Shield"

You cannot restrict access to certain data without Shield.

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Thanks for the link warklom.