Creating new user in Kibana, login fine but unable to view logs

Hello all
i created new use in kibana with kibana_admin,kibana_system rules

but when i login to kibana with the new user, I cant view the logs which i can view

with the default user of kibana .
i can see all the filters and index patterns defined in the new user .
what I'm missing here ?

If you look at the two roles you assigned you can see what access they have when it comes to indicies and priviledges. The kibana_admin role doesn't have any and the kibana_system role is restricted to system indicies with * or the remaining ones you have created you can only monitor and view_index_metadata.

So short answer is you should create a new role with the specific access you want for that user and assign it to them.

Kibana Admin

Kibana System

created new rule added the rule to the new user , when i login with the new user
I'm getting limited left menu that looks like this :
where are all the other options like "discover" and "logs" ?

and this is the rule :

Click the Add Kibana Privilege on the bottom of the role page for those options.

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yep i opend it also thanks!

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