Kibana Dashboard - Admin Access

We have an Elastic Search / Kibana instance newly deployed.
User "admin" has the role "all_access" ---> which corresponds to Backend Role : "admin".
So ideally when we login with admin account we should have all privileges since this is super user.
But when we login with admin user we could see only 3 items under "Management".

Index Patterns
Saved Objects
Advanced Settings

Even 'snapshotrestore' and other items are missing ? any specific reason why we are not able to see other items other than the above 3 ?Kibana_01


Can you share the output of :

curl -u admin 'http://localhost:9200/_xpack/security/_authenticate?pretty'


curl -u admin 'http://localhost:9200 ( so that we can see the version you are running ).

Also this is handy : GET /api/security/role
This will give you the roles and privs o the user associated- and you can check if this admin user really has superuser privs or not.

Let us know if u face more issues. Kibana logs should help.


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