Kibana advanced settings does not exist

Hi, i want to edit my default size of rows for discover page, default is 500 and i need to increase that,

But i can't access to advanced settings page event with my superuser, and i couldn't find any documentary for how to enable it?

Any helps?

Hey! Do you see the management section on the sidebar?

Yes, i do inside of stack management is like this;

Which kibana version are you using?
Can you see which role is applied to your superuser and the priviliges given on the advanced settings?

If you navigate to <kibana_url>/app/management/kibana/settings what do you see?

We are using 7.17.2 version and i've got only superuser role in my user.

Do i need kibana_admin?

This is my /app/management/kibana/settings page

This seems correct to me :thinking:
It is very weird that you dont see it. Can you create a role and give all kibana priviliges to this role? Then assign it to a user and login with it. Can you see then the advanced settings?

It's the same when i gave to all roles in to one user,

In our kibana yml xpack settings are like this below;

If you create one new role from scratch?

I tried that one but it's the same

Probably not your problem unless you have had a recent upgrade, but try a different browser or use a private window. I've had strange results when my browser had cached things from older Kibana versions.

It's the same with chrome and edge also cleared the cache though

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