Kibana UI user level access for each clients

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Hi Team,

I have configured ELK (6.0) and Xpack (6.2.4). I am able to view the latest logs in kibana. We have multiple clients and we are parsing all client specific logs to a common ELK. We need to provide kibana Cloud UI access to client to view their own logs. For this we need to create a user level access for each client to view/maintain each Discover, Visualize, Dashboard pages.

For example:
WE have 2 clients Domain1 and Domain2. And kibana have these 2 clients log. We need to view only Domain1 logs when we login with Domain1 credentials also Discover, Visualize, Dashboard pages should not show Domain2 datas and viceversa

Could you please help me to achieve this?


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Unfortunately Kibana doesn't support this yet, it's something we're planning on adding. You can track progress at There's some workarounds you can do but none of them are complete.

Usually people end up with multiple Kibana installations using a different .kibana index for each group.

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