How to setup Login to Kibana?


I am trying to setup basic authentication to Kibana URL. I have come across Shield which is not an open source. Is there any way where I can setup username and password to Kibana?(without using shield)


What version of elastic stack are you using? Have you looked up x-pack ?

I am using 5.5 version. But X-Pack is a paid one, not an open source. I am looking for something which is free.

You can try creating plugin for kibana like "app" type which will let you introduce your own, module.
Your own module can be login module which will ask for User name/ password, once validated, you can re-direct to any other module.
uiExports: {
app: {
title: 'Login',
description: 'A Kibana plugin for login',
main: 'plugins/login_module/app',
icon: 'plugins/login_module/login_icon.svg'

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