How to share kibana (6.7) visualization with other users?


I am new to Kibana & Elastic stack. I created a visualization with admin credentials which I would like to share with different user. So I copied the short URL (tried other options too) and shared with the end user. When he tries to open that link he is getting error :
{"statusCode":500,"error":"Internal Server Error","message":"An internal server error occurred"}

I tried changing the role for that user including admin, readall but he was not able see that visualisation.

Any help on this regards will be appreciated.


Good Morning! That certainly sounds odd. Are you able to log into Kibana and navigate to the visualization manually? Can your end user find it manually, rather than through the URL? We'll need to sort out whether this is a permissions issue or an issue with the viz itself.

With a 500 error, I'd expect to see something in the logs... have you seen anything regarding this error?

I should also add: if there is a permissions error/lack of permission, the error would trace back to the ES cluster... and you'd see it in the log there.

Thanks for your response!

The user is not able to find the visualization manually. Also when user created a visualization on his own, I am (admin) not able to see his visualization. I cant see any permission settings at individual visualization level. Can you guide me with the checklist to set correct permissions.

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of experience with setting up permissions myself, but I can ask if we have something like the checklist you're asking for. I do know, however, that permissions can vary greatly between installs, and are very dependent on how security is set up in each case.

I would start with our reference material: . Feel free to reply with any specifics, if you're still having problems afterwards.

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