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I'm looking for a way to share visualisations with read-only users. The kibana_dashboard_only_user role works like a charm for dashboards, and since dashboards are basically collections of visualisations I'd think the kibana_dashboard_only_user permission would work for sharing visualisations as well, but when trying to open the shared link, it simply redirects to the dashboards view, instead of opening the visualisation.
If I open the same link to the shared visualisation from a superuser account, it works fine, which suggests that the link itself is probably fine. I've played with other combinations of roles, but I can't seem to get one that wouldn't give read-write permissions.
Is it possible? If so, then how?

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Hi Albert

There is no specific user to only see visualizations, so using kibana_dashboard_only_user role is the way to go right now. We have in an upcoming version something new called feature control in spaces, where you can define a role to only see visualization as an app.



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Hi Liza,

Thanks for the quick reply.
It doesn't have to be visualisations only. It can be dashboards as well. The kibana_dashboard_only_user permission doesn't let one see visualisations, it's dashboards only.
Is there any way in the version 7.0 to see dashboards and visualisations only?

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Hi Albert, as I understood it, there is not a way to do this in 7.0. I will add @timroes to give more details though.


Hi Albert,

just for clarification: Before 7.2 you have no way to limit access to only visualization and dashboards. The only "special role" that exists is the kibana_dashboard_only_user role which will only show dashboards, but there are no other special roles like that.

From 7.2 onwards you can use the feature controls Liza mentioned to configure each space or each role for each space to show only the applications you want.


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