View only Dashboard on ELK 8.6.2!

Hi all,

So I got a working cross cluster Kibana dashboard which we have built as superuser.

Now we have a request to share this dashboard as view only mode with another department.

For the above request , I created a SPACE with dashboard, discover and enterprise search features checked.

And then created a Role to pick the above Space with READ only privilege to all the remote indices. And created a user with this role.

On logging with this new user, I see only DASHBOARD item to be picked from the left menu, which is good - but no dashboard to be viewed, which we created with superuser.

Please advise how to resolve the request ?

Hi @Kvoyce2023,

Can you share the dashboard permissions you have granted for the space, as per the docs?

Hi @carly.richmond,

Under "Kibana Privilege" section - we have given READ privilege only for DISCOVER and DASHBOARD and ALL for "Visualize Libary" for the role we have created. Rest of the Analytics, Observability, Security, and Management features got NONE privilege.

Any other suggestion @carly.richmond or anyone ?

It sounds like the dashboard exists in the original space, but it is also need in the new space. It will not automatically show up without first importing it into the new space.

See: Manage saved objects | Kibana Guide [8.12] | Elastic

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