How to share kibana dashboard view only


I want to share my kibana dashborad work with my team without viewing them the left panel and any editing mode.

How can i do the same?

* I'm using kibana 6.6 version with 30 days trial package.
* Missing `User Roles` option in `Management` Tab.

Thank you!

Dashboard only mode will provide you with a way to provide dashboards in read only mode.

You will need security enabled for dashboard only mode. To enable security, Go to management -> License management and click Start trial

Hi @Nathan_Reese,
Thanks for your reply...

i am alreday with 30 days trial pack.

Dont know why Security, users and roles tabs are invisible in management tab in my case.

Once you are using a trial license, then you have to enable security. You can follow these instructions to set up security

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