How to shift to elastic-apm-agent-java8

elastic-apm-agent is supporting java 7, so it is compiled with log4j 2.12.4

But I am also seeing elastic-apm-agent-java8 which has the higher log4j version.

Can I know where to find the jar file for the same for download?


I think that your question is related to this other question you asked: Java 7 support drop dates

For now the only major difference between the Java7 and the Java8 agent versions is the log4j2 version that is shipped with it.

Some security scanning tools mis-report the Java 7 version as vulnerable due to having an older Log4j2 version, see here for details.

The latest version of the Java8 agent can be downloaded from maven central here: Central Repository: co/elastic/apm/elastic-apm-agent-java8/1.45.0

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