How to show all the values for facet for Select input

I'm using SingleSelectFacet for select input and it shows only 5 values in the dropdown. if i need to show all the values in the Select Input what props should i pass to the SingSelectFacet. if i use the custom component, what is the way to get all the values in the facet without user having to click on More or something like that to see the complete set of facet values.

Didn't find any outofbox solution, but had to override the SingleSelectFacet component and check for 'showMore' and then invoke 'onMoreClick' to get all the values of the 'options'.

function CustomSelectFacet({ className, label, onChange, options,onMoreClick,showMore }) {
  let selectedSelectBoxOption;
  let isSelectedSelectBoxOptionSet = false;

The Facet component has a show prop that accepts a number, did you try using that?

This worked. Thank you

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