How to show full field content in kibana

hi I have a question regarding the filed content list in kibana Discover page.

in left side, there is the list of all the available fields. when I click one of field, it doesn't show full content under the field name, only partial. how to make it show full list?

For example: I have 3 types of log in index host-*, they are Auto::Host::mqs, Auto::Host::err and Auto::ActGateway, but under field of "Type", it only show Auto::Host::mqs and Auto::Host::err but not the Auto::ActGateway. but when I do a search in search bar using Type:"Auto::ActGateway", I do get my contents.

The field list on the left in Discover shows a sampling of field values, only based on 500 first documents shown in Discover, not all documents in Elasticsearch. If your 500 first documents include all three fields, they should show up. If you think there is a problem here, some screenshots of what you're describing might help work through it.