How to show max count of yesterday with 1 hour time bucket?


I am watching the data of yesterday (complete day).
No I have the task to show the max event count per hour for the timespan set.

How do I do it? How can I return the max value of multiple buckets?

My current workaround is the following:
table visualization

  • date histogram by 1 hour interval
  • show only one line
  • sort by count descending

Is there any better way than that? So that I can get the number directly without having the overhead of the paging UI?

Thanks, Andreas

Hi @asp,

When you say count, are you referring to the total number of documents in the index for the given timestamp? Are you referring to a custom field for your dataset?

I ask because it seems you can simply remove the show only one line and see the information you want (unless I'm misunderstanding).

I set "yesterday" in time picker.

by setting date histogram to 1 hour, I will get following as example:
Time Count
So I only want to have the count of 220 from 11:00 be given back.

Hi @asp,


  1. Create a new Metric visualization
  2. Under Metrics, select Sibling Pipeline Aggregations -> Max Bucket
  3. For the bucket, do the same Date Histogram aggregation as you're doing
  4. For the metric, select Count

Lemme know if that works!


not working in 5.1.2 which is currently in our production, but working like charm in 5.5.x.
Since I am currently working on an update to 6.latest I expect it to work there afterwards.

Thanks a lot.

Great, glad you got something working!

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