How to show specific fields only?

Hi there,

We are having events which includes following fields:

  • stacktrace
  • exceptionName
  • user
  • request
  • response
  • functionCalled

As you can imagine some of these fields can be really long (e.g. response, request, stacktrace). So if I unfold such a big event may fill 2-4 screens.
Is there any way to filter our or to fold big fields in the document view, so that I need to press on "+" to see it completely? Or that long field values are shown as overlay?

I was asked if I use the search view, if there is a way to set the number of displayed rows for specific searches? I know there is some parameter in advanced settings which defines how many lines per event may be displayed. But this is a global parameter affecting whole discover module / all saved searches.

I know, the question is quite unspecific, but maybe you have some ideas :wink:


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