How to show the JSON spring boot logs as a seperate fields out of the messages in the table format

I have a task that i need to view the spring boot JSON logs in the table format. It should not dump into the message field of kibana. It has to view as a seperate field in the table format.

Eg: EmployeeId 123
EmployeeName aathi
EmployeeAddress banglore.
I have used the Json processor to split the json log as a seperate variable to view it in a table format but i am not able to view the json logs in the table format.

How are your logs indexed in Elasticsearch? Do you have fields for EmployeeId, EmployeeName, EmployeeAddress?

How are you viewing your logs?

If you are viewing your logs in Logs application, click settings and then configure Log columns

If you are viewing your logs in Discover application, hover over a field on the left and then click the plus icon to add a column

I would suggest to this dependency to format your spring boot logs into ECS directly and ship them with filebeat into elasticsearch.

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