How to solve duplicated name columns with filters in visualization?

Hi experts!

Im noob with ElasticSearch and Kibana.
After severals days investing how to solve my porblem, I couldnt find solution...

My problem is:

I have 2 collection in ES:

  • BytesRX
  • BytesTX

I have a common column name on both collections (DiscardedFrameRatio)

To diferenciate this column, each collection have a label called "FileName" (BytesRX and BytesTX)
My problem is during the visualization of my data with Kibana

How can I show in the same Dashboard both labels, with their respectives aggr (max,min,avg)?

I think that my problem is with the filters, but I dont know how to proceed

With this code, in Dev Tool, provide me the correct answer:

GET /test-*/_search?size=0

"aggs" : {
"fileFilter" : {
"filters" : {
"filters" : {
"BytesRXFilter" : { "match" : { "FileName" : "BytesRX" }},
"BytesTXFilter" : { "match" : { "FileName" : "BytesTX" }}
"aggs" : {
"maxEach" : { "max": { "field" : "DiscardedFrameRatio" } }

can someone help me or provide me the "clue" to find how to visualize data filtering by Filename?

Thanks in advance!

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