How to solve Visualize undefined error

Hi. I'm coding custom plugin. It is wanting to show four kibana visualizes.

My ES and Kibana versions are 6.2.2 and plugin files consist of below.

  1. package.json
  2. index.js

upper two things in 'my_plugin_folder'

  1. new-app.html

  2. new-app.js

    [in 5), console.log() is for the debug only.]

  3. result (in Kibana)

When I launched, my plug-in, revealed undefined message.
However, I can not understand where undefined one is located yet.

Whoever tell me solution about this problem?
thank you for reading

getComputedFields is a property of the indexPattern, so maybe the index patterns for the visualizations you're trying to render are not being loaded correctly.

Thank you for your reply.
However, I still not understand yet about 'indexPatterns'

At first time, I got this as Index Patterns in management of Kibana.
But '_get_computed_field.js' file I found in $KIBANA_HOME below.

If I understand correctly, for visualizing my plug-in that should edit '_get_computed_field.js'?

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