How to sort day of week in kibana?



I have a string field in my data set "Week_day" which contains Monday , Tuesday ,.... . I want to create a barchart to show average of sales in each day during a period. when I am using bar chart and average aggregation , in the phase of X.Axis definition I define term aggregation and select "Week_day" and the order is based on "average of sales" . In this way, the week days will be sort based on highest average but I am looking for a way to have a sort of week days in X.Axis looks like ( Monday Tuesday Wednesday ...) and each bar shows the average of sales belongs that day.

P.S : I also have timestamp field in my dataset.

(Tyler Smalley) #2

I believe what you are looking for can be accomplished with a filter aggregation.

Your filter aggregations would have seven filters consist of Week_day:Monday through Week_day:Sunday.


It works fine. Thank you so much . This is the exact thing that I was looking for

(Steven) #4

@tsmalley Is this chart possible by using a single Date field that does not have separate "week_day" properties on it?

How about doing a chart by Hour Of The Day?

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