How to sort line chart in Descending order

Hi Experts,

My requirement is to sort above line chart in Descending order. So , my legend should be like

Please advice , as I tried { "order" : { "_term" : "asc" } } OR { "order" : { "_term" : "desc" } } in the JSON input but it did not work for me .


I don't see anything easy for you to do that, Maybe someone will give you a better solution.

However, I have played with the raw Visualized object under WEBUI -> Settings -> Objects -> ( Visualizations or Search ) and edit the actual search directly.

WARNING - make sure you make a backup of your object or export it. I have broken them many times and had to recreate the search/visualization a couple times till I got it working

Thank you Eperry but It did not work for me .I tried almost everything , I mean even by editing search directly either I end up with an error or unexpected result .
Can someone suggest another solution for my problem ?