Change the order of my chart legend


Is there a way to make the legend appear in the order that I want (I'm using Kibana 7.6.1):

I want the legend to appear in this order:
[0] 0 sec
[1] 1 sec
[2] 2 sec
[3] 3-4 sec
[4] 5-6 sec
[5] 7-9 sec
[6] 10-19 sec
[7] 20-29 sec
[8] 30+ sec
[9] Never established

Thanks for your help

Are you using a terms aggregation to split the series? If yes, the order should be determined by the sorting function of the aggregation. In your case it seems like they are just the alphabetical order, so switching the sorting to "Alphabetical ascending" should do the trick:

Thank you for your help.
I already tried to switch the sorting to "Alphabetical ascending" but sadly it doesn't work....

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