Order legend items

Hi there,

How to order the legend items displayed on graphs? I used graphs.
I would like legend items ordered as A1 A2 B1 B2

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Hello, what do you mean you used graphs?
Unfortunately you cannot order the items for terms aggregation, but if you know the values of the field, you could instead use filters aggregation (it's slower than terms performance-wise) and then you can control the order:

Hello Marta,

Thanks for your answer.
I can't found the way you did your example.
I have choosen 'Aggregation based', then 'Vertical bar'. As a X bucket, I select 'Date histogram'. Then 'Split series', I create my 4 filters. if filters are created in reverse order (B2, B1, A2, A1), display looks correct. I will continue testing.

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